Sab; [sah·ab] noun 1. a queer goan feminist experiencing an existential crisis.

except my life, except my life, except my life

Happening Now: Pakistan


Sources to keep you informed and updated about the situation in Pakistan. This list will be continuously updated to include the latest and most reliable sources. Please drop me a message or leave a comment below regarding any source which you think should be on this list:

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Protect autistic people but especially autistic kids and especially especially autistic kids of colour because you know they will not be treated fairly and you know people will accuse them of disrespect when all they’re doing is trying to make sense of an interaction where someone is out to attack them for no apparent reason

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who will she become?

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Anonymous asked: joan rivers has a family...


so do the palestinians she wished dead

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Anonymous asked: cLEM IS WHITE BTW




If that’s what helps you sleep at night.

White folks can’t get over the idea of empathizing with an Black character, so they desperately rewrite them as white.  See also: the fandom backlash against Rue in Hunger Games….

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hey if you have google chrome and you have dyslexia or problems with reading comprehension, the dyslexie extension is really great and is also free in the chrome web store. it also has the option to make text larger or smaller, a+, do recommend

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Pont Neuf, Paris - Pierre-Auguste Renoir


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Korra Week: Day 5 → Growth

"You’re learning well."

This show has grown so much too. Book 3 was the best so far.

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Coraline 2014

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Anonymous asked: How is ''female queerness constantly undermined and invalidated by men''


”she’s just experimenting” ”it’s a phase” ”she’s confused” ”can I watch?” ”can I join?” ”you’re a lesbian? that’s hot” *continues to hit on you*  ”you’re bi? wanna threesome?” ”lesbian sex doesn’t count” ”girls only do it for boys attention” ”she just needs to find the right man” ”I can change your mind” ”if you use dildos that means you really just want dick”

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Gustave Moreau - Study for Lady Macbeth (1851)
Brian De Palma - Carrie (1976)

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